UAT-Test case issue in warewolf version 2.6.6. Same problem I face in new version too.

maya khambhayata 2 years ago in Studio updated by anonymous 2 years ago 5

Hi Team, I have workflow which have "Select and apply" tool then i have "Find Record index" tool. I have created test case for this workflow. I found some error. I am attaching the video for that. 

Test Case Creation in ww-2.6.6.mp4

Also input this workflow is object. I am pasting here for sample input 

"JourneyName": "Beneficiary Update Journey",
"ReferenceId": "e9b53199-5d99-ec11-b400-000d3a24d450",
"AdditionalData": [
"Key": "MandateId",
"Value": "0becaaca-5d99-ec11-b400-000d3a24d450"
"Key": "CustomerBenefitId",
"Value": "e1ebaaca-5d99-ec11-b400-000d3a24d450"


1. Input @objJourney was blank sometime

2. EscapeJson is not Part of this workflow but still it coming in debug and also in test case

3. Packupwrapper placed at the bottom of the workflow but still EscapeJson and Packupwrapper coming at top sometime.

4. Packupwrapper display as title only we can not mock or assert this.

Hello Maya,

Can I ask you to share the Main.bite workflow so we can debug this on our side and see what might be going wrong. Should it not be possible for you to share this workflow, please try creating a workflow that will reproduce these errors and share them with us here.


Hi Siphamandla, Here I have attached zip for sample workflows