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Gate Tool Selection is Getting Disappear

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Point 1)

When we changed anything on First Gate Tool then In Second Gate Tool the selection of First Gate Tool is Getting Disappear. 

Point 2) 

When we select EndWorkflow Option in First Gate Tool it wont allow to select that first Gate Tool in Second Gate Tool. 

(Suggestion )Point 3)

When Condition is not matched in Gate Tool why it is print as error. I believe It was part of functionality so It wont print as Error.


We have verified the above points in version and below are the findings :

  1. It was not possible to reproduce the issue mentioned in Point 1.
  2. Point 2 is not the issue as per technical analysis if we select EndWorkFlow option in First Gate then the workflow will not proceed further, it will stop there. That's why the first gate is not visible inside the second gate.
  3. Thank you for sharing suggestion will check and update if we can do something on this.

Note: If you can provide more details along with screen shots, We can conclude further.