Build error - Missing Warewolf.Driver.Resume.csproj and Warewolf.Driver.Resume.Tests.csproj

Timothy Boyden 3 lat temu Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Ashley Lewis 3 lat temu 4

Cloned from GitHub on 2021-09-08. Attempted to build from source per "How to Build Warewolf from Source Part 1". Getting the following errors when trying to build the Server.sln solution:

C:\source\Warewolf\Dev\Warewolf.Driver.Resume\Warewolf.Driver.Resume.csproj : error : The project file cannot be found.

C:\source\Warewolf\Dev\Warewolf.Driver.Resume.Tests\Warewolf.Driver.Resume.Tests.csproj : error : The project file cannot be found.

source studio server

Looks like there is one more reference that needs to be fixed. See below screen capture.


As of version 59f5a5d6691d9af709ae3109c570420a77390ffd Warewolf.Driver.Resume is no longer a part of Server.sln. It looks like you were building C:\source\Warewolf\Dev\Server.sln but it could not build because of one error. That error was 'unable to find project'. That project as been removed from that solution.

Please download the latest version of the source code from github.com/warewolf-esb/warewolf. The latest version right now is 72e487c3a6ac7fd6b7de083411ad1fdc2b8825fe.

You can also try compiling AcceptanceTesting.sln as Warewolf server is included in that solution.

Don't hesitate to get back to us, I would like compiling Warewolf to be as easy as possible, so I've re-opened this ticket.

EDIT: Added line breaks for readability.