Getting HTTP Header Value from Request

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I am considering moving from a service-to-service architecture to Warewolf ESB middleware and are researching some of the requirements I need. One of those are the possibility to get a header value from the HTTP POST request to the Warewolf Web Service and put it in a variable so I can make orchestration decisions based on it. One example would be to make a decision whether an POST-request with a CSV-file should be a merge bulk import or an overwrite bulk import, with different rules applying to each decision.

How would I do something like that in Warewolf?   
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Under review

We currently do not support the populating or variables via POST headers so this is not achievable in the current system. Instead you could have input variables in your workflow service and pass the data as described in this article The Variable List.

If this is a feature you would like added to Warewolf please request it via the community.