EIP components

Anonymous 9 years ago updated by Gandalf 9 years ago 4
Hi There
You mention that this is a service bus. We are interested in using one but your buss does not mention any EIP components? Do you support them?
Im not sure if you are talking EIPattern or Platform. Please can you provide more detail?

Warewolf Easy Service Bus allows you to orchestrate and build services. These services are built using tools for advanced data manipulation, system management and other services. You can access them over the web and in the future we will support AMQP.
As Gandalf has mentioned at present Warewolf Easy Service Bus allows for orchestration and multiple ways of performing composition. However components like messages queues, event sourcing or routing and Pub/Sub event model has yet to be developed. Being open source there is obviously an opportunity for these to be implemented via the community ;).

They are on our list and we will get to them dependant on feedback we get from users.

Thanks for your interest and we would appreciate any information you can share on the use case you trying to implement :).