PostgreSQL and MySQL

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I have a question regarding PostgreSQL and MySQL. I have a database in MySQL for now and a stored procedure to insert data. Despite the fact everything is good, and user have authenticated access over procedure, Warewolf seems cannot list the procedure.

Here are the details of procedure:

CREATE PROCEDURE rfidautomatic_INSERT(IN uid varchar(45))
insert into webtest.rfid_uid (rfiduid) values (uid);

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Note that the DELIMITER keyword is a function of the command line mysql client (and some other clients) only and not a regular MySQL language feature. It won't work if you tried to pass it through a programming language API to MySQL, which is how Warewolf works.

We are looking into why it would not show up in the Action list.
What version of MySQL are you using.
What version of Warewolf are you running?


Please confirm that the procedure is actually created in mySQL based on the script you provided will not run as it is missing a $$ on the 'END' line.

The procedure also looks like a duplicate of the one in the following post:


In the post above the procedure is showing in the list however not executing, we are busy with the executing issue and it will be resolved in the next release.


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