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Hi mpalladi ,

Thanks for logging this issue. We recently updated to using Visual Studio 2015 and will be updating the documentation to reflect this. Please refer to the Readme section of the Github page for the new requirements. In particular the following:

Compiling Warewolf requires at least Visual Studio 2017 with the ".NET desktop development" and "ASP.NET and web development" workloads and the "F# language support" individual component also installed.

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.

Hi Travis,

Thanks for the bug report. We are looking into it.


Please note that the DLL's that your executing DLL is dependent on need to be in the same folder as the executing folder. If possible you can zip up the DLL's and send it to us and we can try it from our side.


Hi Thehseen,

Warewolf currently does not support the returning of out variables. If possible change the proc to return a table with one row and one column.

We are trying to work out what the best method is for allowing OUT variable return, the issue being that a proc could return multiple OUT variables as well as a table.



  1. How is this tested to ensure that we do not have a repeat of the issue?
  2. Are there other places that require this code?